the self

i believe that spontaneous road trips with unknown destinations are the cure to most problems in life.  i love the beauty of living in the moment and capturing as many great ones as I can to share with the world.  being a photographer has furthered me to understand myself because of how and what i choose to capture.  we are all existing at such an interesting point in time with so many avenues to journey, i’m always striving to find unique ways to view reality.  inspiring prolific thought processes is what keeps projecting me forward.


i’ve spent a long time in photography school and then in the studio, creating realities for people and objects to exist in.  i do revel in that ability of creation, working endless hours on developing the environment, lighting, and meticulous details that surround each scenario.  however, there is something so sweet about capturing things as they organically exist.  having that understanding of what it technically takes to create a powerful image,  it aids in pushing the envelope of expressing my perspective for story telling in the natural world.