drum circles #community

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Building community is the basis for spreading love and creating happiness.  You don’t have to speak the same language to relate to music and rhythm.  It is something that everyone can connect with and relate to on a vibrational level.   It’s actually quite a coincidence that I had the opportunity to photograph this awesome […]

truth in nature

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our greatest teachers are the beings that emerge through the soil we walk upon. there is so much love and strength you can collect from being in the presence of nature.   it helps you to actualize yourself, the world, and go back to the raw emotional state of living as the universe intended it.  have […]

Lightning in a Bottle #lovelife

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www.lightninginabottle.org presented by the do lab  #justdolab here is a place where like minds come together to celebrate life!  the atmosphere at a festival like this is what we should strive to bring into our everyday world.  the kindness and sense of community is so peaceful and encouraging to your mind to create the space […]

Vice and The Art of Blue

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I think that pure creativity is our expression of who we are in that moment in time.  Our subconscious mind is more attuned to the vibrational level of the universe. By letting go of our conscious mind and allowing ourselves to access our subconscious, innovation is born! I love being in the presence of such […]

the journey begins

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